Monday, February 01, 2010


To all my blogger friends!

Thanks for spending ur precious time to reading my ugly blog.
Almost 2 month Cik Bear mnyepi
i've been sooo bz with my final semester, find a placement for my L.I , my brother's wedding, have to move to JB to start my L.I

now it's almost a month since Cik Bear move here, Jb.
i da start my L.I about 3 weeks ++ n...........cepat sungguh masa berlalu
Seriously....sgt rindu untk berblogging.
Kesian my blog, lame terbiar...
nvm, now Here i'm BACKfor all those yg become my follower,
nt Cik Bear akan spend time to reading ur blog n akan meninggalkan jejak..-_-

It's time to sleep
Night all